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the link above (slightly to the left) is live chat
chat with users that are on now!!! have a great time
no minors (under12) as I dont control who enters the chat

punk Site Ring
Ring Owner: Jeremy joneson  Site: punk
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if u have a site similar to mine u can add it in the ring then other  people can see simillar sites and thats how your site gets promoted u can also add a ring to your site!

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just post stuff so that people can see what u posted when you where here


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my calendar. Didnt put anything in yet dont think I will as I dont know what to put


From Skratch Mag:

We want YOUR band! Enter your song to potentially win a spot on our upcoming sampler disc ( v.28 ) distributed throughout 14+ states in the USA featuring bands such as Most Precious Blood, and bands worldwide.
There will be two winners. 1st place- Free spot on our Vol. 28 sampler disc. 2nd place- Sticker package for your band compliments of 123stickers.com. Submission deadline is November 7th 2005.

*Please email ALL submissions to Mark@skratchmagazine.com OR mail it 2-day priority mail to 1407 N. Batavia #109 Orange, Ca 92867 USA ATTN. Vol.28 Contest Submission

Please include the following information with ALL submissions:

Band Name_______________
CD Title__________________
Song Name_______________
Phone Number_____________
Contact Name_____________
How you heard of the contest (what website)_____________