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Welcome To My Home Page

hey whats up welcome to the punk page!

Im doing a lot of of work on it at the moment. It will be fully up and running as soon possible

Ill post more details soon

hope you have a great time visiting this page if you see any mistakes or have suggestions or just email me @


In case you are interested in my old site its



still working on it! added a fave links page added links to some cool tests! today was soo hot it was 115 and I actually friend an egg on top of the car seriously it just fried and I ate it! Kurtis burned his hand when he opened the car and the shop ran out of lotion!!!

quote from slc punk(1998):

Posers were people who looked like punks but they did it for fashion. And they were fools, they'd say "anarchy in the UK." What the fuck's that? Anarchy in the UK. What good is that to those of us in Utah, America? It was a Sex Pistols thing. They were British, they were allowed to go on about Anarchy in the UK. You don't live your life by lyrics.

second quote slc punk:

The Fight: What does it mean and where does it come from? An Essay: Homosapien. A man. He is alone in the universe. A punker. Still a man. He is alone in the universe, but he connects. How? They hit each other. No clearer way to evaluate whether or not you're alive. Now. Complications. A reason to fight. Somebody different. Difference creates dispute. Dispute is a reason to fight. Now, to fight is a reason to feel pain. Life is pain. So to fight with reason is to be alive with reason. Final analysis: To fight, a reason to live. Problems and Contradictions: I am an anarchist. I believe that there should be no rules, only chaos. Fighting appears to be chaos. And when we slam in the pit a show it is. But when we fight for a reason, like rednecks, there's a system, we fight for what we stand for, chaos. Fighting is a structure, fighting is to establish power, power is government and government is not anarchy. Government is war and war is fighting. The circle goes like this: our redneck skirmishes are cheap perversions of conventional warfare. War implies extreme government because wars are fought to enforce rules or ideals, even freedom. But other people ideals forced on someone else, even if it is something like freedom, is still a rule; not anarchy. This contradiction was becoming clear to me in the fall of '85. Even as early as my first party, "Why did I love to fight?" I framed it, but still, I don't understand it. It goes against my beliefs as a true anarchist. But there it was. Competition, fighting, capitalism, government, THE SYSTEM. That's what we did. It's what we always did. Rednecks kicked the shit out of punks, punks kicked the shit out of mods, mods kicked the shit out of skinheads, skinheads took out the heavy metal guys, and the heavy metal guys beat the living shit out of new wavers and the new wavers did nothing. What was the point? Final summation? None.

ok that was pretty long but I think it was good!
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it is just you and please work on it or atleast come up with some ideas! So you finally decided to paste up front were you jealous when I said mods? maybe you wanted to make sure there was no one else?

you said message to the moderators so i responded you never asked me to post i just edit its your site!

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we are working together on this are we not?




Jimmy Kimmel Live

Hey everybody,

The begining is here. We have launched Angels & Airwaves with a trailer for the movie, and a podcast interview. Enjoy.

-Tom Delonge




Jason "Cone" McCaslin, former bassist of Sum41, recently joined up with the Hells Angel's of Toronto.
"It wasn't easy." McCaslin states. "I had to go under a series of surgeries in order for them to accept me."

Can you beleive that???
BTW the girl above is his hooker wife (they recently got hitched fascinating isn´t it?)