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Hi Im Jeremy and this is my site about punk rock.
Im 16 and live in Avondale,Arizona (states).
I like to listen to music mainly punk I like loads of bands my list gets bigger
by the minute!
I spend my day on the computer surfing the net working on sites or on chat.
I like to watch tv mainly thriller,action,horror,comedy,sci-fi anything really!
Im a lazy person so I usually just laze about with my music on.
I like football (actually only because america does I dont find it that
interesting. My friends make me go to boring games. Its funny when they hurt themselves!)
Im good at basketball and baseball which are my two favourite sports!
I also like to snowboard and skateboard or blade.
I play the drums and have few guitar skills.
I have a younger sister Anna whos 12. And an annoying beagle dog named Rowley.

Oh hell its humongous um...hows that spelt? I think ill stick with large!

This is the photo that didnt work out (works now) this is the original size its big (is it humungus or humongus or humungous? a little help here...?)


I also love dirt biking its soo awesome!
Its a bikers paradise here
This is my bike a Yamaha 3000

My car the awesome mustang cobra its silver!
engine:4.6L V8 300HP
fuel econ.: 17/25 mpg